The wedding may be accepted in Germany however it will not guaranteeing that you are able to currently remain once and for all in DE.

The wedding may be accepted in Germany however it will not guaranteeing that you are able to currently remain once and for all in DE.
My concerns are:

1.Are those requirements me here in Germany?How long will it take that I need should be requested from DFA and be “red-ribboned” and sent to? 2. In translating my papers to German language, is there to be performed in DFA that I need to prepare before they send to me or I can do it myself here in Germany? 3. Will I need to go home for any documents?

I’m so new for this wedding visa and I also would like to know every step that is single i have to do to make every thing work down smoothly.

BTW, we used my pupil visa in Singapore where we worked and lived for 6 years before popping in. Thank you therefore much po sa mga sasagot 🙂

Hi! so long them even without red ribbon as you have the original (printed on PSA paper), Standesamt will accept. Interpretation must certanly be carried out by accredited translators in your area (the stamp and permit quantity of translator is very important for appropriate docs), however some populous metropolitan areas don’t need this when your documents already are in English. But, affidavits constantly have to have ribbon that is red as much as I understand and also this is done physically. You might would like to try Denmark wedding? Demands there are many lenient.

Hi, good time! We have read in blog sites someplace in the web about my upcoming concern and I also can easily see it is most likely feasible within the other nations, such as the IS for example. But, I simply cant seem to figure the possibility out if it’s additionally relevant in Germany. Tright herefore here goes my concern, would it not be possible to marry my boyfriend that is german while on a tourist visa in Germany? If that’s the case, do I have to switch my visa into marriage visa while I’m there? Just how likely can it be? Or perhaps is it even feasible? Huhu anticipating for a reply 🙏

Hi! Sorry for my delayed response, I became on a break. Anyhow, wedding with tourist visa is only feasible in Denmark. Some towns and cities are strict and certainly will request you to leave and register the visa that is correctfamily members reunion). Certain requirements may be quite the exact same, the waiting time can be lower though. Please always check my article about engaged and getting married in Denmark to find out more. It might be quite old but at the least you’ll get some good basic concept about any of it.

Hello ! I simply got my visa. It took very nearly 2 months to obtain the visa 😌 pheww!! i recently desired to find out about obtaining the residency. I acquired visit so you can get resident card after three months. Therefore can you let me know the length of time it will take to have the resident card following the appointnent ? And would we just get work permit after obtaining the resident card?

Glückwunsch! Considering experience, it took me personally very nearly a month until lawyer video chat i acquired my eAT. It might be far better to utilize for it in your 2nd thirty days, esp. when you yourself have intends to travel outside your town. And yes, work permit will be on your own card as a remarks.

Hey all, simply interested right here, it is my 5th week now waiting for my visa outcome. Do you have got any advices or a few ideas about what to accomplish at the very least to relieve my concerns as to how very long must I nevertheless wait? Please assistance thanks alot.

Hi! I am aware this can be easier in theory, but as of this moment, you merely need to wait and have now a little more patience. There was unfortunately no timeframe that is standard accompanied for nationwide visa. You might use the full time to deepen your understanding regarding the language, save money time with family and friends, and do material that you might think you may miss a great deal as soon as you leave the nation.

Danke schön. ^^ Actually right after my visa approval I requested a scheduled appointment however it may seem like they’re therefore busy and offered me personally a night out together after a couple of months. Can’t i travel some other EU nation until getting my eAT?:(

You’ll travel inside the 90days amount of your visa, but after that, it’s going to especially be risky if you are planning to get across boundaries. But so it will be okay to travel (but only within Schengen states) if you already filed for eAT, they will provide you a paper that shows that your eAT is still in process.

Helloo.. I simply desired to ask if I have to have show cash for fiance visa?i hope you respond to me personally quickly.. thank you! 🙂

Nope. That’s why you will need the formal responsibility from your fiance, it will probably show that the fiance may be the one in charge of you in every respect.

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