For bilingual graphic design class I created a set of seven postcards that were inspired by a trip to Chinatown Manhattan. The audience I had in mind for this collection was children. Each card has a unique character/animal that I drew using a Wacom drawing pad. I used illustrator to develop the characters. On the back of each card is information regarding the animal and it’s significance in Chinese culture. Every card has the luck symbol on the front because my last name (Glick) means good luck in German. I really enjoyed drawing for this project and exploring color options.

To view the full project download this PDF. It includes the front and back details of the postcards:  postcards-v1-d2-17-12mg

Just as a refresher, my concept was based on the idea that there is a willful blindness or tacit disregard for the Western environment in ethnic enclaves in the US. As such, all English was omitted from the front of my postcards, but the back shows a "reveal," of sorts, with the address in between. This series also became a color exploration of Chinatown through the photographs I took.